5 Products To Fake You Woke Up On Time

We all know those days when you press the snooze button one too many times (maybe a little too familiar with them). Maybe you’re headed off to work or an early morning meeting. Looking awake when you don’t feel awake can be a struggle but these products are my go-to’s for tricking others that I wasn’t rushing out of the door.




When I’m in a rush I like products that I can use quickly and not have to worry too much about blending. My go-to products are things that do the work for me when I’m half asleep. I think the most important part about looking awake is creating a look that opens and brightens the eyes.



The first product I want to mention and probably the star of this show is BareMinerals Concealer in the color Well-Rested. I’ve been using this product for years and always have one on hand in my make-up collection. It’s a powder concealer so think a very pigmented ‘thicker’ powder. Which I know sounds a little scary but when used sparingly it really brightens the under eye area perfectly. I’ve used this to try and set under eye concealer a couple of times and that just creates a cakey mess.

I only use this instead of  under eye concealer on days when I don’t have time or just don’t feel like applying concealer. Since it is powder I don’t think it has the lasting power that liquid concealer does but I love what this does to the eyes so much more. I always have to set my under eye concealer anyway so this is such a quick step to take on days when I’m short on time. I use this with a small fluffy brush, like the Real Techiniques Setting Brush and just apply a little right under my eyes.



To really open up the eye area my too favorite products are Benefit High Brow and this Stila eyeliner which unfortunately I don’t believe is sold anymore ? The eyeliner itself isn’t anything out of the ordinary but this cream color is what’s really important. I like applying this to my waterline before mascara to really help open up my eyes. It’s not harsh like white liner so it looks very natural but has such a huge effect on the eyes.

High Brow is great to use everyday right under the brow to highlight it but I love it even more on days when I can’t bother myself with eyeshadow. I apply this under my brow and in my inner corners. It has the same effect as the eyeliner to really brighten and open up tired eyes. It’s a soft pink shade that’s slightly luminous so it has a natural look. Finally a volumizing mascara to really finish off the look and help ~yet again~ to open up the eyes!


And lastly to finish off the face I like to use luminous products to add a healthy glow to the face. When I use matte products sometimes I think it can make my face look flat when I don’t have much time to add bronzer, blush and highlight. The first product is the BareMinerals Luminizer in Love Affair. I believe this was a limited edition product but any skin color very natural luminizor will work the same. When I first bought this product I was expecting to use it as a highlighter and was pretty disappointed with its color pay off. What I do now is mix this and my setting powder to set my cheek area on my face. I think this adds such a natural glow without being too over the top. This can really help your skin look fresh and awake.

The next product is in the same boat. This is the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Surreal Light Palette. I like this palette because all the products create such a pretty natural glow to the face. And what’s even better is your bronzer, blush, highlight and setting powder are all in the same place so you aren’t wasting time in the morning scrambling for products.

What are your favorite products to look awake a save time in the morning?


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  1. I have been meaning to get the Benefit High Brow for so long now but I have always wondered if it is worth the money. Rimmel have just brought out something similar which I might try first. BareMinerals are a brand that I always reach for when I am in a rush now too. I think they give great results and often in half the time so other products do 🙂 x

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