Personalized Valentine’s Gift Ideas for the Special Someone in your Life

Valentine’s day is always a weird holiday for me, where you’re split on whether you should get your significant other a gift or not. My conclusion has always been that this a more personal romantic holiday so I like to skip the big budget busting presents and pick the smaller personalized or even homemade ones.

For the New Beau:

If you haven’t been dating this special someone for all that long I think anything edible is a great way to go. Of course chocolate strawberries is a go-to, the ones pictured above are from Shari’s Berries. Last year I made my boyfriend homemade ones and he loved them! I picked up long stem strawberries from the grocery store which can be much larger and look much better than regular strawberries. I melted down dark chocolate and white chocolate chips. If you wanted to you could even add red food coloring to half of the white chocolate to create a pink color. I then dipped half of them in each type of chocolate and used the other type of chocolate to decorate them. I did this by dipping a knife in the chocolate and using that to drizzle the chocolate over the covered strawberries. For some of them I also dipped them in coconut or crushed nuts. This created such a great variety of strawberries and they truly looked just as good as the ones in the stores.

For the Long Term or the Long Distance Relationship:

This is something I recently found and am actually giving to my boyfriend this year. The company is called Love Book and they create customized books that you can give to your significant other. You create a cute stick figure that looks like yourself and your boyfriend and they give you full customization over the pages. You can either pick between having a paperback of hardcover book with about a $10 difference. At first I was scared that I wouldn’t know what to add-on the pages but they give you tons of great ideas that you can pick and easily customize to your own relationship. There’s a set price for each the paperback and the hardback and then you can add as many pages as you would like.

For the Jet-Setters:

If you and your significant other travel often why not pick something that will suite your life style. You can find personalized passport covers and suitcase tags just about everywhere, the ones above are from Amazon. What’s even better is you can find matching ones so that you’re covered as well. These can have both of your names or initials on them. They could even be personalized with your favorite quote or a song that means a lot in your relationship.

For the Budget Friendly:

If this is just one of those years where buying a valentines present is out of the question there’s a tonnn of super cute personalized cards out there. I love looking on Etsy for them and always have the hardest time deciding.  You can find quirky NSFW cards or even have them personalized with your SO’s name. The one above is from the Etsy seller SiouxAlice. If you’re really ambitious why not even make a handmade card and include a picture of you guys. There’s nothing I appreciate more than receiving a handwritten card.


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  1. I bought my boyfriend a Love Book last year for Christmas and at first I thought it was going to be a present I liked more than him but he actually loved it. I think he appreciated the time and effort that had gone into making it and also that it was something personal 🙂 x

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