Tarte Make Believe in Yourself Eye & Cheek Palette l Swatches and First Impressions

When I saw this collection launch I knew I had to pick up the Make Believe in Yourself Eye & Cheek Palette. I also grabbed the brushes but haven’t had much time to play around with them to really form an opinion. First, I love the name of this collection. I feel like many brands are recently creating product names and packaging that promote a “self love”/”love the skin your in” vibe.


The palette itself is absolutely stunning from the box it comes in, the outside and inside of the palette, from the sparkling eyeshadows to the large luxurious looking mirror. The four shades on the right immediately grabbed my attention as you can tell they’re packed with glitter whereas the shades on the right are more of a shimmer. This palette includes one matte shade located at the top of the palette called Myth. This shadow is the perfect transition/crease shade to work with all of the high shine shadows in the palette. I was very excited to see that this was included, as many brands create shimmer/glitter only palettes that pretty much require you have to use other eyeshadows or palettes in your collection. The middle shade, which I completely looked over when I first saw pictures of this palette, is considered a pearl highlight for the face and eye.


From Top to Bottom (shade descriptions are taken from Tarte’s website):

  • Myth – matte nude
  • Magic – bronze
  • Wings – copper
  • Marvel – metallic sage
  • Trance – taupe slate

This side of the palette really grabbed my attention first. Wings, Magic and Trance have a gorgeous sparkle to them that are perfect for an all over the lid color. These look even better when used spritz with Fix + and foiled onto the eyelid. The top shade Myth is the only matte shade in the palette. I was super disappointed with how this shade swatched on my hand but on the eyelid it performs much better and is the perfect transition shade. These shades do come with a lot of fallout on the eye but so do many other glitter shadows. I would recommend doing your eye make-up first or using a glitter glue, my favorites is Too Faced Glitter Glue .

From Top to Bottom (shade descriptions are taken from Tarte’s website):

  • Fairy – metallic lavender
  • Mystic – blue pearl
  • Dream – turquoise
  • Crystal – iridescent champagne
  • Pixie – golden pink

Far Right:

  • Believe – pearl highlight

This side of the palette really disappointed me when swatching it. They are pretty shades don’t get me wrong but they were very hard to capture through a camera. These shadows are much more toned down and could easily be worn everyday. I’m excited to use the blues on the my lower lash line during the summer months. Believe, which is a face/eye highlight swatches really patchy and powdery. I was kind of disappointed in this shade because I felt the whole palette was centered around it in a way. It’ s a very wearable highlight and does look beautiful blended on the brow bone or the inner corner. It’s not a high shine, in your face kind of highlight but since most of the shades are that way it works well with them.


All together I wouldn’t say this palette blew it out of the water but I was very happy with it. Some of shades weren’t the greatest swatched but on the eyes they did look beautiful. I’m excited to play more around with this palette and see what looks I can come up with. The packaging is sturdy and gorgeous making this product feel very high-end. I’m intrigued with all these brands putting out ‘unicorn’ and ‘fantasy’ inspired products and know I’ll be grabbing a few more in the future. It does seem a little gimmicky but I’m a sucker for cute packaging and anything pastel or holographic.


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