Dry Shampoo Foam: Does It Work?

The second I saw people talking about OUAI’s Dry Shampoo Foam I immediately threw it in my Sephora cart. I’m a dry shampoo junkie! My hair is currently dyed a dark auburn and if anyone knows anything about dyed red hair, it’s that red fades unbelievably fast. Because of this I try to wash my hair as little as possible, which makes dry shampoo my best friend. The two things I really look for in a dry shampoo is it leaving NO white residue (that’s a tough one, which anyone with dark hair I’m sure knows the struggle) and it actually working. So many dry shampoos don’t actually make me feel like my hair looks any cleaner. They just leave it stiff full of product and I’m forced to throw it into a bun for the day. I’ve been able to find many drugstore dry shampoo products that work for me, so shelling out a high-end price for something I know I can find for cheaper is hard for me.

OUAI Dry Shampoo Foam | $28

This is the first and only product I’ve tried from this brand so I can’t compare this product to others or there regular dry shampoo. Their normal spray dry shampoo runs for $24 for 4.5 oz where the foam is $28 for 5.3 oz. This for me is a large price to pay for dry shampoo. As an avid user I usually go through a bottle in about a mouth or two so for me to repurchase this product that often it would really have to blow me away.

This products promises to:

  • Refresh hair in between washes
  • Gently cleanses
  • Detangles
  • Quick drying, waterless foam
  • Removes oil, product excess and buildup
  • Leaves hair conditioned, cleansed and ready to be restyled

How it Performs:

Now that’s a lot of claims for this product, but for the price it would be awesome if those claims were true. Unfortunately I have not been able to fall in love with this product like I hoped. It comes out just like a normal foam/mousse product does. They recommend to use a palmful, which seemed like a lot for me but I followed the directions. I’ve this product around ten times now and each time I’m disappointed. This goes into your hair making it feel wet, which is weird at first. You then work it in your scalp and it dries in a couple of minutes. This whole process is different from your regular dry shampoo experience which makes it uncomfortable the first couple of times using it.

Even after the product dries I still feel like my hair looks wet and even greasy. Every time I’ve used this I’ve ended up putting my hair into a bun or even adding a headband to hide the oil. I do think it looks okay immediately after but within a couple of hours my hair looks like it did when I woke up, if not worse. With normal dry shampoo I feel the powder stays in your hair, making it continuously hide oil throughout the day.

The perks of this product though is that it does create a massive amount of volume. I think this is great if you add dry shampoo to even clean hair just for the volumizing effect it has. Another huge perk is that since it’s a foam and not a powder spray there is absolutely no white residue to worry about!


Over all this product is a huge pass for me. The price tag alone makes it hard to justify when my go-to dry shampoos are around $5 at CVS. This product really did nothing for my hair and somedays I feel like it even made it look worse as the day went on. Unfortunately I would not recommend this product to anyone. The only real perks I could see was the lack of residue and how much volume it adds to your hair. This could be used as a volumizing foam on clean hair which may be how I continue to use this product. So sadly this was a miss.

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