What’s Inside My Bag? Dagne Dover Edition

I was on the hunt for the perfect ‘work bag’ to carry around my planner, laptop, coffee mug/water bottle or anything else I needed for the day. I thought I had some high expectations for a bag but somehow found a bag that met all of them and more when I stumbled across Dagne Dover. Since purchasing my bag back in January they have largely expanded their collections. I chose to go with the 13-inch classic tote from their signature collection. They have this same bag in a 15-inch size, 11-inch and even an 8-inch size making it easy to select which is best for your lifestyle.

One of the biggest reasons I selected this tote bag was because of how organized the inside was. As a messier person, my bags tend to begin to clutter up easily. This bag has so many sections and pockets that are specifically designed for certain items. There’s a laptop sleeve, a phone sleeve and even a section for a water bottle or travel coffee mug. Their website makes it easy to see how big these sections are in each of the tote’s offered so you’ll be sure your laptop or tablet will fit. They show how the bags can be organized and used for your everyday life.

This is canvas bag making it easy to clean if anything gets on it. The straps also feel super secure so I’m not scared of overloading this bag and having them start tearing. The zipper also feels super high quality and the bag include a couple key clips which are great for your keys or cute keychains to personalize the bag.

When signing up to purchase this bag, they offer a $25 off code to share with friends.

What’s Inside My Bag?

Since I do carry around a smaller bag that includes my wallet and things I’d want for a quick trip to the mall or going out with friends, this bag is more of my work bag. I use it for carrying things back and forth from my job, my apartment, my boyfriend’s house and anywhere I decided to do my blogging, like a local coffee shop. What I carry inside:

  1. My keys – obviously an essential. These usually transfer back and forth between my bags. On my keys I have, what I think is one of my coolest purchases, a tassel key chain that actually has a USB cord hidden to charge on iPhone with. I found a similar one from Express but I’ve also seen some of these DIY’d.
  2. Next, I carry around some felt tip markers for writing in my planner. I like these colored ones to help organize and personalize things in my planner.
  3. This is my planner I purchased from Me and My Big Ideas. I’m obsessed with this planner and how easy it is to personalize, which is the main things I was looking for in a planner. They have other sizes, this is the larger version.
  4. And then, of course, my laptop and charger. Like I mentioned earlier, on their website they clearly state which sized MacBooks and iPads fit into which one of their bags. I purposely selected this bag as it fit my MacBook in it perfectly. It has a separate sleeve for a laptop or tablet which is actually padded, making me feel confident it won’t be damaged when my bag accidentally bangs into things.
  5. I like to carry around a water bottle so that I remember to drink water throughout the day. This is a smaller one from Athleta.
  6. In the circular sleeve, I usually carry around a travel coffee mug. This has to be one of my favorite mugs from HiLine Coffee.¬†They have great coffee and also offer it in K-Cups for Keurig’s which is what I purchase for mine. Occasionally they have promos where if your order their coffee you also get a free travel mug which is when I received mine!
  7. And lastly, another one of my prized possession (in my opinion) is this portable charger by Thinium. I love this because it’s so compact and fits right into the phone sleeve, along with my iPhone. It’s charged by plugging it directly into a wall outlet making it super easy to recharge on the go.


There’s a perfect pocket in this bag that I keep some makeup in for touch ups throughout the day:

  1. I like to carry around nude lipsticks in my bags as they can easily be put on with any eye and face look. One of my all time favorites is the Urban Decay Vice lipstick in Safe Word. It’s their comfort matte formula and that’s the best way I can think to describe it. This is a cool toned nude lipstick which I love and don’t feel like you see much. I also have L’Oreals Infallible Lip Paint in Spicy Blush. This is the perfect pinky nude for any look and I love the formula when my lips are feelings drier.
  2. My favorite powder to carry around for quick touch ups during the day is another L’Oreal product, their True Match powder.
  3. I hate the sponge applicator that comes in powder products, so I carry around this brush as well. It’s a great all over powder brush that I purchased for I think around $3 at Target. Unfortunately, there isn’t a name or brand on this brush so I have no idea who makes it!
  4. For mascara, I usually throw in a sample mascara I’ve received from Sephora or Ulta. To be honest I think I like sample sized mascaras better than regular sized. They don’t dry out as quickly and are great to carry around. Right now I’ve been using Tarte’s Tarteist mascara.
  5. Next, I have one of my go-to lip products, the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Lip Therapy. This is the best lip balm product I have ever used and constantly have to steal it back from my boyfriend.
  6. Lastly, a setting/refreshing mist is a must for me! Right now I’m loving the rose scented Fix+ by Mac. This is from their newer Work It Out collection. They have three travel sized scented Fix+ sprays and since I love the original so much I actually purchased all three.

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  1. I’m on the hunt for a good work/university bag that’ll sustain for a long time. I considered saving up for a classic yet expensive designer bag that will keep me going for a long time, but decided against it as they tend to go out of fashion soon, and I’ll get bored of them. Dagne Dover looks very interesting! Would you say its okay on the shoulders? I,e the strap has been designed to reduce the pain induced by the weight of the bag?


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