YouTube Made Me Buy It

I’ve seen these type of videos floating around YouTube and even in the blogging community. Going through my makeup collection, I figured half my products would be items that I was influenced to buy through YouTube but to my surprise, it was a lot less than assumed. Now don’t get me wrong I do have a plethora of products I was influenced in some degree to purchase through vloggers I follow.


  1. Makeup Geek – This is a brand I would never have even heard of if it wasn’t for YouTube. After hearing how great their shadows were time and time again I finally jumped on the bandwagon. During Christmas time they had a sale for 9 shadows and their travel magnetic palette so I decided to take the plunge. Now I can say these single shadows do live up to the hype and are a great investment. The travel palette as well is my favorite that I’ve tried. It’s super sturdy and has a huge mirror.
  2. Natasha Denona – Another eyeshadow formulation I’ve heard vloggers rave about is Natasha Denona. As much as I would love to purchase her larger palettes, my wallet would not appreciate it right now. I picked up one of her five shadow palettes and can say it’s phenomenal. I don’t know if I believe it’s worth the price tag but these are beautiful shadows. She’s coming out with new products for the summer and I’m excited to see what that eyeshadow palette looks like.

Face Products:

  1. Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops – These I knew I needed the second I saw Jaclyn Hill rave about them on her snapchat. They are beyond gorgeous but a little pricey. Since these came out, other brands have developed similar products which seem to compare that might be worth it to check out first. You need the smallest amount of these which is great because I’m sure I’ll have these forever.
  2. Tatcha Dewy Skin Mist – I don’t think I can name a vlogger that didn’t rave about this at one time or another. For me, it’s really a hit and a miss. I like this on some days but then others I can’t stand it. I would recommend only using it if you have dry skin and for lighter makeup days. When I have a heavier look going on I find this really makes the product cake up.
  3. Make Up For Ever Step 1 Mattifying Primer – I was on the hunt for a product that would help my makeup stay matte all day and when I heard about this one, I knew I needed to check it out. I would agree this is a great primer for oily skin. It’s a little heavier feeling so I only use it around my nose and pores, where I tend to get oily. I have such a great things about all the primers in this range.
  4. Mac Fix+ – So man vloggers used this product and I did not understand the hype. I loved my Urban Decay All Nighter and didn’t see how this product could top that. I love this for wetting my brushes to foil shadows. On my face, I spray this to get rid of that powdery makeup look but not necessarily to ‘set’ my makeup.
  5. RCMA No Color Translucent Powder – This is another product I would never have heard of if it wasn’t for YouTube. Baking was a concept I never got until I started using this product because it seemed like such a waste of product and always made me look crepey. This is such a cheap powder and you get so much of it. The only real negative is the packaging makes it tough to use.
  6. The Balm Mary Lou Luminizer – This was the first highlighter I really heard people rave about anywhere. It took me awhile to purchase it but when I did it did not disappoint. Now there are so many highlighters available to chose from but this is still one of my go-to’s.
  7. Sonia Kashuk Satin Matte Foundation – This product I heard Casey Holmes talk about in so many videos and I usually love the foundations she recommends but this one was a huge miss for me. I don’t think it has that great of coverage and really don’t think it should have the word matte in its name. For me, this was a huge disappointment.


This is another brand I would’ve never heard of if it wasn’t for YouTube. I put off purchasing from them for so long but after realizing how cheap their products were I stocked my cart up and now have made several purchases from them. I’m in love with their super shock shadows and their pressed shadows. Their highlighters are excellent too. I have multiple of their lip products and would agree that they can really be hit or miss.

Lip Products:

  1. Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat Liner and Hot Lips Lipstick in Kim K. W. – I purchased these both after hearing various YouTubers mention them. That has quickly become my go-to nude lip combo. I also secretly love Kim Kardashian so that made me immediately intrigued by this lipstick. I probably won’t be repurchasing another lipstick from this line because they are a little pricey and not all that pigmented.
  2. Marc Jacobs Le Marc Liquid Lip Creme – These are the perfect lip for someone who wants the lasting power of a liquid lipstick but not the matte drying feeling. Although they aren’t transfer proof they do last all day on your lips. I wish I could purchase these in every color but my wallet would never forgive me.
  3. Jeffree Star Liquid Lipstick – This was a pretty obvious one for me. Jeffree Star is a beauty vlogger with a cosmetics company so that’s where I believe I first heard of his products. I’ve heard such great things about his liquid lipsticks and thought this color was super unique. I do love the formula but since this color is a little out there it isn’t something I grab for all that often.
  4. Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick – These were the first liquid lipsticks I really heard about. I first tried out the nude pink one and immediately wanted to purchase more. I still love these but since there are more liquid lipsticks available now these aren’t my all time favorite formula.
  5. Jouer Lip Creme Liquid Lipstick – I heard about these metallic liquid lipsticks through multiple vloggers and thought they looked so cool and unique. Unfortunately, they don’t look that great on the lips. They’re a little streaky and patchy. I’ve heard though the darker colors work a little easier so I might need to try those because these are beautiful. I do love these though to add a little shimmer in the middle of my lips over top a matte lipstick.

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  1. Youtubers and bloggers make me buy so many things haha! I agree about the Jouer metallics. I don’t think they look flattering on my lips, which sucks because I love the shades and wish they were eyeshadows! I feel the same way about MUG. I don’t think I would’ve heard of them if it weren’t for YT. I only own a couple shadows from the brand, but love them!

    Nida | Caked To The Nines

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