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I haven’t purchased anything from Kylie Cosmetics in a while – and by a while I mean since the Valentines Collection. I’m a sucker for any good (trashy) reality show and my obsession definitely started with the Kardashian clan. Although I’m embarrassed to admit it sometimes, their show is one of my guilty pleasures and love a good marathon on E! When I saw Kylie was collabing with Kim and how gorgeous the packing and products looked, I jumped right back on the Kylie bandwagon and made a purchase.


Okay, let’s be honest – the packaging is truly what sold me on this product. I have enough nude lipsticks to last me a lifetime, I did not need 4 new, very similar, ones with a formula I knew I wouldn’t be thrilled by. But the matte baby pink on the box and the lipstick tube really drew me in. These just look so sleek and classic. Any brand that switches up their packaging like this for collaborations really just knows how to get me.


Now the product itself is really so/so in my opinion. Hopefully, she starts selling these as separates because I would recommend waiting until then and chose one color you really enjoy – if you must purchase from this collection. The colors are extremely similar that I do not believe it’s necessary to have all four. It’s more of a ‘collectors’ piece in my opinion.

On the lips, they don’t perform all to great as well. I would describe it is a melted down tube lipstick in a liquid lip tube. These don’t dry down matte and are not long wearing what so ever. These lasted at most 2 hours on my lips, without any eating/drinking, or excessive talking. Another big negative for me is how streaky the apply. It’s hard to get an even coat without putting multiple layers on and that point it looks like you have a river of lipgloss on. After they dry down slightly they do look a little better which is nice. Since these don’t last that long on the lips, touching up the go I think would be difficult because of how streaky they perform.

L-R: Kimberly, Kim, Kiki, Kimmie


Alright, clearly I’m not the hugest fan of these but I do have a couple of reasons that I have been enjoying them. The names! It’s obviously very egocentric for Kim to name all four shades after herself but let’s be real, she made a book with solely pictures of herself in it. It’s just a very Kim thing to do and it’s why we all (okay only me) love her so much. The colors are gorgeous, yes very similar, but gorgeous. The one I reach for the most at the moment is Kimmie, I think it’s just the perfect pinky nude. These are all very light pink nudes so if that isn’t your cup of tea I would 100% pass on this.

Another positive is these do feel great on the lips. They’re super lightweight and moisturizing. I’m definitely not the biggest fan but if you do like light lipsticks that feel very smooth and like nothings on your lips these may be up your alley. Kim included a note with each packaging saying there are more surprises coming so crossing my fingers that I enjoy what’s coming much more.

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  1. I love the packaging, great, fair review Erin, thank you for sharing. I love a nude lip if it weren’t for the customs fees I would be tempted to get my hands on these, I am already following you on Bloglovin’ but checked to make sure haha, hope you are having a great week x

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

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