5 Tips for Keeping Your Dyed Hair Red

My hair is naturally a medium to deep brunette color but within the past couple of months, I decided to venture out and dye it a bright auburn. I’ve loved this recent change for the spring/summer months and with the help of my hair stylist have picked up a few tricks to keep my hair red. Anyone that’s ever dyed their hair a shade of red knows how difficult it is to keep it that way. Red fades faster than any other color, making upkeep essential.

5 Tips to Keep Your Dyed Hair Red

  1. The most important thing is to switch out your normal shampoo to a color safe option. I’m still using the one my hair stylist recommended, Gemstone by R+Co. After washing your hair the first time after getting your hair dyed, your shower will look like a murder scene and there’s really no way around that. Using a color safe shampoo will reduce the amount of dye that leaves your hair drastically. I’d also recommend using old towels you don’t care about the first couple times you wash your hair because chances are your newly dyed hair will bleed a little bit.
  2. The second thing I’ve been loving is a conditioner specifically formulated for red hair. My go-to is the Joico Color Infuse Red Conditioner. They also make a shampoo that I might pick up when I finish my R+Co. I use this conditioner every time I wash my hair by running it through my entire head, starting with my ends. It’s a color depositing product so this conditioner has a bright red tint to it and it’s recommended that you leave it in your hair for 1-3 minutes. I love this conditioner because it really keeps my red hair vibrant and also makes my hair feel silky and smooth.
  3. To end your shower routine, a deep conditioning product is a must. I’m absolutely in love with my dp HUE Color Boosting Gloss+. I have this is in the shade burnt copper but they also have other shades so this is available for more than just red heads. This is the perfect deep conditioning product that also adds color back in to revive your red hair. I use this about every other time I wash so about 1-2 times a week. It doesn’t contain any peroxide or ammonia but does contain color that’s added to your hair. It’s recommended that you use this product for anywhere from 3-20 minutes, with the longer time equaling to more color being deposited. If you have lighter hair and are scared this is going to be too intense, they recommended mixing this with a conditioner. The biggest downside about this conditioner is that it’s a mess! This product will get all over your shower, dye your hands and be super careful with your towels. It is easy to clean up out of your shower and if you’re quick to wash your hands you won’t have any problems.
  4. The biggest tip I can give to make your red hair last longer is to not shower every day! Every time I’ve gotten my hair dyed my hairstylist has also recommended this. Try to find a dry shampoo that you love because it’ll make skipping washing your hair for a day or two so much better. Every time I wash my hair I can tell its fading slightly and it’s the most heartbreaking experience. This is why it’s important to try and stretch the time between shampoos as much as possible.
  5. Lastly, it’s important to keep up with your dye appointments! If you want to keep your fiery hair red, there’s a lot of upkeep. Any hair stylist will tell you that red is the hardest color to keep from fading so it’s important to take care of your hair and get it dyed regularly. 

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