How I Clean My Makeup Brushes So They Last Longer

Cleaning my makeup brushes is the definition of a chore to me. It’s something I brush off (no pun intended) until it absolutely needs to be done, much like laundry or vacuuming. As my collection expands, the amount of time between washing each brush grows as well. This leads to me having tons of brushes to wash at the same time, causing this ‘chore’ to take up a big chunk of my afternoon. The two most important things, in my opinion, when washing your brushes is a good brush cleanser and washing your brush the correct way. A good cleanser gets them clean but isn’t too harsh on the bristles. This doesn’t need to be insanely expensive, my favorite cleanser at the moment is Johnson and Johnson Baby Shampoo. Secondly, when washing your brushes it’s imperative to prevent water from going up inside your brush head. This can cause the glue to deteriorate and your brush head to fall off.

How I Wash My Brushes

I was sent over The Brush Bar and The Brush Board from the company The Brush Bar to test out while I clean my brushes. I was blown away by how easy these products were to use and how much of a difference they actually made to my cleaning routine. First, the packaging is perfect. They come in these velvet sleeves that you can keep to store them in or to use while traveling with them. Both products feel sturdy in your hand and well made. They’re slim enough to store in your drawers and travel with but big enough to use with a large collection of brushes. The Brush Board is used while cleaning your brushes and The Brush Bar is used while drying them.

The Brush Bar is listed for $38.00 and The Brush Board is $28.00. you can purchase these in a bundle though for $55.00.

The Brush Board

I have seen a ton of different variations of products like this. I haven’t actually tried one of because they just seemed gimmicky to me. Because of this, I don’t have anything to compare to this product. I was shocked though at how well this was able to get my brushes quickly cleaned. The Brush Board is double sided and has six different surfaces that each serve a different purpose.

  • Cylinders (the first section of the left): Gentle yet effective clean
  • Pyramids (the middle section): 4 edges and a point of the deepest clean
  • Cones (the section of the right): Deep cleaning cones double as a bristle comb to separate bristles for quick drying
  • Triangular Prism (on the other side, opposite of cylinders): 3 edges for a medium scrub
  • Ridges (opposite of pyramids): Dual purpose scrubber and scraper
  • Waves (opposite of cones): A waved scrubber and scraper

Washing My Brushes

Like I said earlier, I love using Baby Shampoo to clean my brushes. It’s gentle on the bristles but gets the job done. I use lukewarm water to get the bristles on the brush I’ll be washing wet and place a small drop of cleanser on the section of the board I want to use. The more gentle sections I use for smaller eye brushes and the harsher sections I use for face brushes that need more of a deep clean. I then swirl my brushes gently on The Brush Board, using multiple sections for a better cleanse. This truly has cut the time I spend washing my brushes in half.

Drying My Brushes With The Brush Bar

The Brush Bar contains these small prongs that are hidden away when the product is closed. These can be flipped outwards and used to flip your brushes upside down while drying.

The product contains two large prongs, six medium and two small for different size and weighted brushed. The Brush Bar sits easily on the edge of a vanity, sink or counter and keeps your brushes secure while they dry. This a great product to use while drying your brushes as it prevents water from running upwards into the handle of the brush, therefore prolonging the life of your brushes. Another added perk that makes me love this product is it prevents my cat from getting my brushes! Whenever I leave them out flat on a towel to dry, she loves stealing them and biting the handles.

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