The Jaclyn Hill Palette | Review

I’m sure by now everyone’s seen or at least heard about this palette created by Jaclyn Hill with Morphe. Before I even jump into my thoughts on the palette, I want to say this is the first Morphe eyeshadow palette I have ever tried so unfortunately, I can’t compare it to their regular shadows. I’ve been a big fan of Jaclyn’s for awhile now and have really been excited for the amount of success she’s developed in the YouTube community. That being said, I was definitely disappointed when I found out her much hyped up collab was going to be with Morphe. This is a brand that just never really excited me. I have a couple brushes from the company that I bought through Hautelook but that’s my only experience with the brand.

Purchasing the palette:

Unfortunately, right now the palette is sold out but Jaclyn’s said multiple times it will come back in stock soon. This palette costs $38 but you can use her or any YouTubers coupon code with Morphe and receive 10% off. The biggest reason I wasn’t going to buy this palette was shipping for Morphe in the US is around $8, making the palette closer to $50 after taxes as well. For $50 you can buy a much higher quality palette from a much more trusted luxury brand. During the initial sale of this palette, they offered free shipping if you bought two palettes. Luckily, I had a friend who was also interested in purchasing it so we went in together to avoid the shipping costs.

How it performs:

As of now, I’ve owned this palette for a little over a week and I can say I am thoroughly impressed! I ‘ve used it every day I’ve worn makeup and I’ve really been blown away on how the colors perform. There are 35 shades and most of them are some of the best shadows I own. They are so creamy, pigmented and blend beautifully with hardly any effort. There are some duds in the palette which I find mostly with the darker matte shades. The black shade, Abyss, is just a pretty average black and so is Chip, a deep warm brown. The shimmers are beautiful swatched but I find on the eyes they look much better when foiled with something like Mac Fix+. To be fair though I do this with pretty much every shimmer I use.

A look:

In true Jaclyn form, I did a warm smokey eye to show this palette off. The biggest thing I find missing in this palette is a neutral cream matte shade which I normally always use all over my eye to set my eye primer. With this palette though I had to mix a little bit of Beam and Silk Creme together, which worked but wasn’t ideal. One thing this palette isn’t missing is an array of transition shades. You can find one for any look you want to create. For this one, I first used M.F.E.O (made for each other) in the crease, then followed up with Pukey, Roxanne and a little Jacz in the outer corner. I took a small amount of Hunts on a really soft blending brush just to blend everything together and really add some more warmth. All over the lid, I foiled Firework with some Mac Fix+ and a flat eyeshadow brush. Finally, for my browbone and inner corner highlight, I used Enlight.

To finish the look off I mixed Roxanne and Pukey on my lower lashline. I used Anastasia Dip Brow in Auburn on my eyebrows, a brown eyeliner in my waterline, and Huda Beauty Lashes in Camille #16. I really enjoyed this look! I’m still getting used to these lashes as they are a big step up from my beloved Ardell Demi Wispies.


Since there are 35 shades in this palette and many swatches all over the internet I didn’t want to swatch every single shade for the purpose of this post. But I did want to show off how some of the shades swatch versus the others and give some of the brighter shadows their moment.

From L to R (Obsessed, 24/7, Cranapple, S.B.N., Royalty, Jada, Diva, Hustle, Enchanted, Chip)

So you can see how beautiful the shimmers are like Royalty that deep purple and Diva. But then some of the mattes like Jada, Enchanted, and Chip are just a little more chalky and stiff. These were all swatched with my finger and one swipe down my arm.

Altogether I have been really enjoying this palette and think it has great options for everyone in it. One of the biggest things about this palette I don’t enjoy is the white packaging. Mine has already gotten extremely dirty and I had to try really hard to get it clean to photograph it. I can’t imagine what it’s going to look like in a couple months. When it does come back in stock, I do recommend finding a friend who also wants to purchase the palette and buy it together to avoid the shipping fees.

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