ColourPop Crushed Crystal Collection

I haven’t been this excited over a makeup launch in a long time. This just seemed like such a unique (and ‘on-trend’) idea from Colourpop, a very affordable brand. Colourpop announced they were releasing four setting/priming sprays, four liquid highlighters, and four lip balms that contained either Amethyst, Aquamarine, Aventurine, and Rose Quartz. I’m not someone who’s very into crystals or could even tell you the difference between some of them but this just seemed like such a different idea that hasn’t been done yet.


These collections come in four different bundles for each crystal that contains their coordinated spray, highlighter and lip balm for $18. When I made my purchase I was more intrigued with the Rose Quartz collection but unfortunately, that one was sold out. I decided to purchase all three products anyway but from different crystal collections. I settled with the rose quartz priming spray because it stated it was hydrating. I also chose the Rose Quartz highlighter due to it being the most wearable color for me. I then wanted to switch it up and selected the Amethyst lip balm because of how pretty the purple shade seemed.

Rose Quartz Priming Spray | $6

The priming spray comes in a sturdy glass bottle with a standard mister. The mist does come out a little strong, but since this is priming spray I won’t be worried about it impacting my makeup. It has a great grapefruit smell and is supposed to boost hydration before applying makeup. This also promises to leave a dewy effect on your skin. This spray has a pink tint but when applied to the skin this is not noticeable what so ever.

Rose Quartz Liquid Highlighter | $9

This is the product I was probably most nervous about and figured I wouldn’t get that much use out of it. I really only use liquid highlighters to mix it with my foundation and thought this shade wouldn’t work well with that. This product comes in a similar bottle to the spray but has a different nozzle and is a little smaller. A little bit of this product goes a long way so I’m sure this will be lasting me awhile. It comes out as a beautiful pink-gold shift when worked into the skin. I think this would look radiant mixed into foundation or just on the cheeks as a highlighter. This could also be mixed in with moisturizer and worn on its own. I’m very excited to get some good use out of this product.

Amethyst Lip Balm | $5

I thought this lip balm would be just another product I would use occasionally but kind of forget about it in a bag or a drawer. But boy was I wrong. This product blew me away. First of all the packaging is so much sturdier than I imagined and feels much more expensive than just $5. The product itself is so creamy and feels wonderful on the lips. It also smells amazing! The advertise this to be used alone or on top of a lipstick which I can’t wait to try out due to how beautiful the color is. It really just transforms your lips and gives it a pink/purple opalescent sparkle. For $5 you really can’t beat this product.

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