My Quick 3-Product Summer Eye Look

During the summer months, I feel like I’m always so busy. Happy hours after work, outdoor concerts and movies, date nights. Because of this, I love having a quick go-to makeup look, that I can rely on to beat the heat. I think I’ve found my perfect combo of products. These are products that have slowly found their way to the back of drawers, where I’ve quickly forgotten about them. I’ve been playing around with some of my older products and forgot why I ever stopped using these.

Benefit High Brow | $22

This is a product I used to use so much that I actually finished one and repurchased it. My new High Brow, pictured above, I showed no love. With the increase of highlighters and everybody searching for that ‘blinding’ glow, this subtle pink cream just seemed out of style. Using this recently, I completely forgot why I loved it. It’s such a blendable product that looks great on the brow bone and inner corner to really brighten up your eyes. It’s matte and subtle but still brightens your eyes perfectly. It does unfortunately only come in one color so I don’t think this would be great for deeper skin tones.

Maybelline Color Tattoo Eye Chrome | $8.99

I loved the original color tattoos in the pots, so when these were launched I immediately picked this color up. I thought I would love it more because it seemed easier to apply but the first time I used it I hated this product. I just thought it dried down weird and was hard to look blended on the eyes. Using it again, I feel completely different about it. It so smooth on the eye and all you need to do is use a finger to blend it around in your crease. They do dry down so I recommend doing one eye at a time. When they do dry though, these aren’t going anywhere – great for hot summer days. The color I have is bronze sheen which I think is perfect for every day and brings out my blue eyes.

L’Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black | $7.99

I don’t know what took me so long to try this mascara out. It is such a great drugstore product! I actually picked up a three pack on a whim during Amazon Prime Day. It makes my lashes look so long and voluptuous without applying coat after coat after coat. It is also the blackest mascara I think I’ve ever used. I won’t lie, I’m the kind of person that applies 100 coats of mascara and uses three different tubes. With this mascara I really only need a couple of coats, making it a quick and easy product to use.

High Brow blended into brow bone and inner corner, Color Tattoo blended on to lid
Left High Brow, Right Color Tattoo

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  1. I’ve never tried the Color Tattoos Eye Chromes, but it looks so pretty! I’ve been using the ones in the pots for a while now, and actually just did a review on Bad to the Bronze (which is one of my favorites!). I may have to pick this up and test it out!

    1. I love Bad to the Bronze! I actually finished a pot of it a year or two ago and every time I remember to check for it at the drugstore it’s been sold out

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