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Recently I’ve found myself getting a little-tired out and overwhelmed by all of the collaborations between brands and beauty influencers. Most of the products seem over done and not so great quality. When I saw that Desi Perkins and Lustre Lux were coming out with a collection of products from Dose of Colors, I knew I would have to stop myself from buying everything. I like both of their styles so much that I knew I would love their products. They’re both people you know are not going to release a collaboration unless everything is exactly how they want it. This is Dose of Colors first collaboration as well which makes me feel confident they didn’t just crank this out as fast as possible for money. I love Dose of Colors liquid lipsticks and was excited to try other products from their brand.

Highlighter and Eye Palette

I really feel like I picked these up on a whim but I’ve been so incredibly blown away. First of all the packaging is absolutely gorgeous. I love the rose gold and the textured outside of the products. It looks almost like glitter but does not leave a trail the way real glitter would. I almost feel like they blew a lot of their budget on the outside packaging and chose to keep it cheap and simple on the inside. Once you open the product, the inside is made up of rose gold cardboard. I, for some reason, just really oppose cardboard packaging. It seems cheap, flimsy and takes away from how nice the actual product is.

The Girls Eye Palette | $28.00

They described this palette as containing four ‘wow’ shades that could be used as lid colors with your favorites transition shades. I like that they kept this palette small, straight to the point and cheap. I’m not one who gets offended when a palette doesn’t have everything I need in it. I already have those palettes and when looking at eyeshadows want something that compliments my favorites. It contains four colors which are great for everyday looks or a more sultry smokey eye.

On the top row, the first color on the left is Suz. This is such a bright, look at me cream glitter shade. This one is probably the most chunky out of the four and is recommended to be used wet. I really enjoy this shade as I tend to gravitate to these kinds of colors on my lid. This would also be a beautiful inner corner highlight.

Second, on the top right is Noli. This is a perfect golden bronze shade. I think this will be the most used shade in the palette because you can easily just use this quickly all over the lid.

On the bottom row, Turbosan is on the left. This is a really unique deep purpley brown shade. I can’t wait to try this out with a smokey eye but out of all the colors, this one lacks in pigmentation. I think you’ll really have to pack the product on your brush to apply it to the lid and look as beautiful as it does in the pan.

Lastly on the right is Harpoon. I’m really excited to try this out as well in a more smokey eye look. This one is also recommended to be used wet and it’s gorgeous. It’s a green shade with gold and green shimmer.

Fuego Highlighter | $28.00

Since this is the same price as the eye shadow palette it was little harder for me to justify buying another highlighter but I’m sure glad that I did. This is a beautiful light golden champagne shade. What I love about it, and what really sets it apart from my other highlighters, is how non-glittery it is. This gives your skin that wet look instead of looking like straight glitter on your cheekbones. I’ve been using this every day since I purchased it.

Far Left: Fuego Highlighter; Top-Bottom: Suz, Noli, Turbosan, Harpoon

Lip Products

Unlike to cardboard packaging in the eye and highlight products, these lip products feel luxurious all around. I love the matte outside with the rose gold font. Both of these products feel really great in your hand and love how they’re slightly different from their normal packaging but you still know they’re from Dose of Colors.

Hot Fire Liquid Lipstick | $18.00

I love the liquid lipsticks from Dose of Colors and reach for them all the time. They feel comfortable on the lips and have such a great color payoff. I’ve recently been looking for a bright orangey red liquid lip because I don’t currently have one in my collection, so when this came out I was all over it. I absolutely love this color and formula. I can’t rave about it enough.

More Creamier Please | $16.00

I haven’t tried their regular lipsticks yet so I was excited to pick up one of the bullet lipsticks that launched. They had two nude shades and I decided to go with the darker one because I like darker more cool toned nudes on myself. Unfortunately, I’m not head over heels with the color and kind of wish I picked up the lighter one but all together I don’t really like nudes that give you the ‘concealer over my lips’ look. I think some people may really enjoy this, if you want more of a nude that matches your skin tone. I do really enjoy the formula though! It’s matte and long-lasting but still incredibly comfortable.

Left: Hot Fire, Right: More Creamier Please


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    1. I have pale skin as well and it’s a little dark but works well now that I have a slight tan. I think it would work for most skin colors except if you’re at the lightest foundation shade

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