Fenty Beauty Match Stix

When Fenty Beauty was announced I was just as excited as everybody else seemed to be. I checked Instagram regularly waiting for sneak peeks of products or more details about the launch. When the full product list was finally announced, I almost found myself disappointed but then I realized my wallet wouldn’t suffer because none of the products really stood out to me. I wasn’t truly excited to purchase any of the products and passed on them originally. After doing a little more research about the products, I was intrigued by the versatility of the Match Stix.

Match Stix

After doing a little more research about the products, I was intrigued by the versatility of the Match Stix. These sticks are sold separately in 10 shimmer shades and 20 matte shades. The shimmer shades are supposed to work as your blush or highlight and the mattes are designed to be your contour and highlight. The shimmer shades came in a variety of colors from iridescent opal, to your standard pearl and to more blush colors like lilac and papaya. While the mattes are strictly skin colored shades ranging from linen to espresso with a mix of undertones thrown in the middle.

The first one that really grabbed my attention was the color, Amber. It seemed like the perfect cool toned contour shade for lighter complexions. Originally, I just thought I’d pick up this individual Match Stix to see how I enjoyed the formula but then I noticed they are sold in trio’s, which area much better deal than purchasing three separately. The trio’s come in 4 shade varieties – light, medium, tan and deep. What really sold me was the color I was eyeing, Amber, was included in the light trio.


The Match Stix Trios are sold for $54.00 and you receive three full-sized Match Stix, two mattes for contour and highlight and one shimmer highlight.

The individual Match Stixs are sold for $25.00 each for 0.25 oz of product.


The formula of the Match Stix’s I found varied from the matte and shimmer shades. The mattes were much more creamy and applied like a typical cream product. The shimmer shade was much drier and felt almost as if it was a powder. I read that they were a cream to powder product which intrigued me because normally I enjoy powder contour and highlight products much more than cream. These applied evenly and pigmented to the face originally. The biggest problem I had with them was that once they were blended out, they seemed to disappear. This applied to the mattes and the shimmer but especially the shimmer. When swatched on the hand, the shimmer looked gorgeous and I could not wait to apply it on my cheekbones, but it did not translate onto the face what-so-ever.

Left: Amber applied as contour, Linen applied as highlight on nose, forehead, cheekbones, and chin; Right: Amber and Linen blended in, Starstruck applied on top of cheekbones


As I’m sure you’ve already heard, what makes the packaging of this product so unique is that they’re magnetic. The sticks click onto each other which I think would make these great to throw in your bag or travel with. Instead of having three different products floating around, you’ll just have one.

Much like others are saying, the packaging does ring similarly to the KKW Beauty line. These are matte light pink with a streamlined modern design which I’m sure will continue with the rest of her products.

L-R: Starstruck, Amber, Linen unblended swatch
L-R: Starstruck, Amber, Linen blended swatch


Since I passed on the KKW cream contour sticks I was pretty excited to try these out. I definitely was pretty disappointed but while try to still play around with them. I’m overall not a huge fan of cream products and these really just convinced me more of that. I found that these were difficult to use and did not leave me with the results I was looking for.

I think it’s great that they offered these sticks in a trio at a cheaper price because then you could easily add a blush shade to your sticks. Overall, I don’t find myself reaching for these very often but I am excited to see what else Fenty Beauty comes out with.

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