How to Prevent Burnout – From Any Career

What really inspired this post was talking to my boyfriend the other night because he was having a very stressful week at work. I majored in social work and we talked A LOT about self-care and how to prevent being burned out from our careers. I thought this only had to do with people who work in direct care and came across very emotionally draining situations. After talking to him and seeing how down he was I realized everything I learned really pertains to everyone in any career situation – including being in school.

It’s so easy to have work overcome our lives and to forget that there’s so much more to live for. Even if you work at home I believe it’s so important to leave work at home and separate it from your family/friend life.

Here’s some tips I’ve picked up along the way that I thought would be great to share:

  1. Leave work at work:

    This means turning off your laptop, not checking your work emails and ignoring phone calls that can wait until work hours. Set a time frame that you allow yourself to continue working. So let’s say you have a 9-5 job, pick an hour of two after work or before work that you continue to allow yourself to work. So if you get home at 5:30 allow yourself to still check emails until 6:30 and then turn everything off. Or if you’re more of a morning person and want to get a jumpstart, begin working an hour before you get to work. This allows yourself to stop thinking about work and unwind for the night. If you don’t set this boundary you could find yourself up at night thinking of things you need to complete the next day.

  2. Don’t discuss work outside of work hours:

    I think this is very important. Even if you’ve done tip 1, don’t continue to talk about your day to your significant others, friends or family. This can keep your mind thinking about work and not allow you to physically separate your home life. The same as above, give yourself an hour to rant about Susie slacking off or your boss piling on more work than you can handle and then shut it off. Talk about other things that you love and that will take your mind off of your stressful day.

  3. Find a hobby you love:

    Do you love to read, knit or maybe even for you its blogging. Find something that won’t stress you out and that you look forward to doing. Even if this is something you’re not going to do everyday it helps to have an activity you look forward to doing and that excites you. This again helps you take your mind off work and creates a separation between your work life and your home life.

  4. Have a personal space for your thoughts:

    This is something that comes in many different forms for different people. Some great examples I’ve heard is to keep a journal by your bed. Before sleeping write down everything that’s still on your mind or that you know you need to complete tomorrow. This helps you get those thoughts out of your brain so you aren’t up thinking about them. Another tip I’ve heard is to take a long route home. If you hate traffic avoid it. Play your favorite artist after work and just sing along or let your thoughts wander. Give yourself the time and space to be able to think about your day so when you get home you’ve gotten it all out. Obviously these two ideas won’t work for everyone so it’s important to find what works for your and have your own safe space for your thoughts.

  5. Plan a weekend getaway:

    Go on vacation!! Have girls weekend, a romantic getaway with your significant other or even a solo adventure. Find something where you can just distress and relax all weekend. I love Groupon Getaways because you can find great one night or two night stays that aren’t too far away. Find a cute Bed & Breakfast within a short drive or a nice winery you’ve been dying to check out. The most important thing is don’t make the trip too stressful. Find something within your price range that will easily fit into your schedule.

  6. Start a planner:

    This is something I’m very new too. I bought a planner from Me & My Big Ideas and immediately fell in love. It’s able to be personalized to your needs and beyond cute. There’s so many way to design yours that I plan on doing a full post about this. It’s really helped me organize my ideas and feel set for the week ahead. If you already have a planner maybe set down and think of ways you can reorganize it to really meet your needs. I’ve seen people who have two planners one for work and one for home life. This can help you not stress about remembering certain dates and separate yourself from not having to think about your big meeting on Tuesday when you’re just trying to find out when your son’s basketball game is.

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Biggest Lush Store in North America + Haul

Hey Guys! I recently did some shopping  and decided to check out the new Lush store located in my mall, Tyson’s Corner in Virginia. We used to have a very little shop that was very cramped and hard to walk through and a knew it had been redone but I had no idea it was the largest store in North America until one of the sale’s associates told me. The store is very wide and open with sinks in the middle for demonstrations. There definitely was a much larger selection of products than the smaller store including all of their make-up which I’ve never tried out.

At most stores I usually just let the sales associates know I’m browsing but at Lush I always find them so helpful. You can tell they love their jobs and are passionate about the products. One of the lady’s helped me pick out the face cleanser I bought down below and convinced me to stick with the Tea Tree Toner because of my skin type. I’ve used the toner before but was considering switching it up. Below are some pictures from the shop and a small haul of the items I picked up!


Angels on Bare Skin Face and Body Cleanser and Tea Tree Toner

Angels on Bare Face Cleanser

Rose Jam Blubbleroon

Big Bang Bubble Bar

Sakura Bath Bomb

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ColourPop Pressed Shadows Review and Swatches

So I jumped on the opportunity to pick up some of the ColourPop pressed shadows when they first were released. I’m a huge ColourPop fan and think their super shock shadows are phenomenal so I was really excited to try out their new pressed shadows.

If you’ve never tried anything from them, I highly recommend it! Everything is super affordable and great quality for the price. I do think some of their liquid lips are hit or miss but when compared to drug store liquid lips, these blow them out of the water.

I decided to pick up both the four color palettes in Lo-Key and Hi-Maintenance after seeing them swatched on Temptalia. They just looked so pretty and really unlike most the other colors I have in my collection. I also grabbed the single shadow in Take the Lead because it again looked unlike anything I own.

Take the Lead:

This is a very interesting cool toned brown-grey shade that I thought would be perfect for cooler smokey eyes. This color swatched very well and I’m excited to try it out on the eyes.


This four color palette includes the colors below taken off their website:

Take It Slow – metallic warm champagne

I Owe You – matte mid-tone orange

Running Late – matte creamy orange

Criss Cross -matte brick orange


This four color palette includes the colors below taken off their website:

Just in Time – satin soft gold

High Strung – metallic dusty rose

Get Out – matte cool cranberry

Cute Alert – matte deep burgundy


I was really impressed with how these shadows swatched! They were super pigmented and creamy. I’m probably most excited for the metallic shades, especially Just in Time. The some of the mattes did swatch a little more patchy then I was expecting but all together they were impressive. The palettes are a little bulky but cute! I will most likely eventually transfer these over to my Z-Palette but right now I like how travel friendly they feel and secure they feel. All swatches were done by finger with one swipe and no primer.

Have you guys tried these out? What did you think?

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5 Products To Fake You Woke Up On Time

We all know those days when you press the snooze button one too many times (maybe a little too familiar with them). Maybe you’re headed off to work or an early morning meeting. Looking awake when you don’t feel awake can be a struggle but these products are my go-to’s for tricking others that I wasn’t rushing out of the door.




When I’m in a rush I like products that I can use quickly and not have to worry too much about blending. My go-to products are things that do the work for me when I’m half asleep. I think the most important part about looking awake is creating a look that opens and brightens the eyes.



The first product I want to mention and probably the star of this show is BareMinerals Concealer in the color Well-Rested. I’ve been using this product for years and always have one on hand in my make-up collection. It’s a powder concealer so think a very pigmented ‘thicker’ powder. Which I know sounds a little scary but when used sparingly it really brightens the under eye area perfectly. I’ve used this to try and set under eye concealer a couple of times and that just creates a cakey mess.

I only use this instead of  under eye concealer on days when I don’t have time or just don’t feel like applying concealer. Since it is powder I don’t think it has the lasting power that liquid concealer does but I love what this does to the eyes so much more. I always have to set my under eye concealer anyway so this is such a quick step to take on days when I’m short on time. I use this with a small fluffy brush, like the Real Techiniques Setting Brush and just apply a little right under my eyes.



To really open up the eye area my too favorite products are Benefit High Brow and this Stila eyeliner which unfortunately I don’t believe is sold anymore ? The eyeliner itself isn’t anything out of the ordinary but this cream color is what’s really important. I like applying this to my waterline before mascara to really help open up my eyes. It’s not harsh like white liner so it looks very natural but has such a huge effect on the eyes.

High Brow is great to use everyday right under the brow to highlight it but I love it even more on days when I can’t bother myself with eyeshadow. I apply this under my brow and in my inner corners. It has the same effect as the eyeliner to really brighten and open up tired eyes. It’s a soft pink shade that’s slightly luminous so it has a natural look. Finally a volumizing mascara to really finish off the look and help ~yet again~ to open up the eyes!


And lastly to finish off the face I like to use luminous products to add a healthy glow to the face. When I use matte products sometimes I think it can make my face look flat when I don’t have much time to add bronzer, blush and highlight. The first product is the BareMinerals Luminizer in Love Affair. I believe this was a limited edition product but any skin color very natural luminizor will work the same. When I first bought this product I was expecting to use it as a highlighter and was pretty disappointed with its color pay off. What I do now is mix this and my setting powder to set my cheek area on my face. I think this adds such a natural glow without being too over the top. This can really help your skin look fresh and awake.

The next product is in the same boat. This is the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Surreal Light Palette. I like this palette because all the products create such a pretty natural glow to the face. And what’s even better is your bronzer, blush, highlight and setting powder are all in the same place so you aren’t wasting time in the morning scrambling for products.

What are your favorite products to look awake a save time in the morning?


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Night Time Products for Acne Prone Skin

I have struggled with acne, hyperpigmentation and oily skin since my teens years. It’s something my skin never really out grew. Now that I’m a little older I know more about skin care and really look for products that won’t overly dry out my skin but still help even out my problem areas. These three products I rotate through using each night after washing my face with cleanser and absolutely love them. I know when I wake my skin will look refreshed and vibrant.

  • Drunk Elephant T.L.C. Framboostm Glycolic Night Serum resurfaces skin cells to help your skin look bright, more even and younger. Whenever I use this I know I’ll wake up with smooth skin and it’s really helped my dark spots look brighter. It does have a heavier price tag so I do recommend looking for kits with other Drunk Elephant products to try (all the ones I have tried out have been great).
  • The Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate is a serum that is supposed to work with your skin’s nocturnal activity to help resurface dead skin cells. Very similar to the Drunk Elephant serum, this one helps create such a smooth skin texture and evens out my scarring. This one does sit on top of your skin so I like to put this on about 15-30 minutes before actually going to sleep so I don’t accidentally wipe it on my pillows or sheets.
  • About 2-3 nights a week I use the Kiehls Cilantro & Orange Extract Pollutant Defending Masque. This one was such an odd product to me at first, you place this on as you would any other mask for about 15 minutes and then use a tissue to remove the excess but not all of it. The rest of the mask that sits on your skin you leave on as you sleep. The first time I used this product I was amazed with how my skin looked when I woke up. All my current breakouts were vanished and my skin just looked so refreshed. It’s supposed to help fight natural toxins in the air to prevent dull unhealthy skin.

These are my go-to nightly products. I keep one of the serums at my boyfriend’s house and the other at my house where I split my time sleeping throughout the week so I cycle through both of the serums. I really couldn’t pick which one I like better but if you’re looking for a  unique addition to your night-time routine I would definitely suggest the mask.

Have you guys used any of these? What are your go-to night products?

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7 Books to Read in 2017

I recently saw a blog post by someone who had read over 90 books in 2016 and calculated how many pages, words and how fast she read all these books. Now that’s a little (or a lot) too much for me but it did want me to bring my love for books onto my blog. I thought I’d start by recommending some great books I read in 2016 and then in a future post plan out what books I hope to read in 2017 and see if I can meet that goal by the end of the year.

  1. Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty is by far one of my favorite books now and the first book I recommend to anyone. It’s kind of mix between The Real Housewives and your favorite crime drama. Jane is a single mom new to a town with high-class soccer moms. As she tries to fit in with her new friends, secrets come out and the book ends with a draw dropping twist. Definite page turner. I love how she makes you laugh throughout this thrilling novel. This is also becoming a short HBO series in February which I can’t wait for!
  2. Obviously I’m a fan of a good mystery, Drop Dead Perfect by Rick Murcer is another book I could not put down. My boyfriend got me a Kindle for Christmas and this was the first book I read when I got it. I finished it right before New Years so I’m not lying when I said I read all these books in 2016! This one follows a Ellen who works in the forensic department for the Chicago police. Recently divorced and very volatile, Ellen finds herself in the middle of what appears to be the beginning of serial murders. Women are being kidnapped and found perfectly made up with a spin chilling note left from the killer.
  3. I tried not to include all the Liane Moriarty books I read last year but when I think back to my favorite books these all came to mind! She’s a great author who can really make you laugh but create a deep action packed thriller. The Husband’s Secret follows three different women as their lives unravel because of one secret. I like this book a lot because the big twist happens pretty early on but the rest of the book stays amazing. Fingers crossed this book becomes a movie as well!
  4. This one might seem a little weird but I was always so against Harry Potter (don’t ask me why) but my boyfriend finally convinced to watch all the movies with him. Afterwards I knew I had to read the books. I still haven’t finished the series but these books are really great even if you’ve already seen all the movies. I actually listened to first couple through Audible when I was at work which worked out great because they’re very easy to follow but still have a terrific story. If you’re looking for a series and haven’t read these yet a truly recommend them for all ages.
  5. Just going to continue on with mentioning the same authors, The Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith (which is actually a pseudonym for JK Rowling) is another great crime novel. This book follows a private investigator whose life is crumbling before him and his very new assistant Robin. They are hired by a superstar models brother to investigate her bizarre death. To be honest this book took me a very long time to finish but it was a great read. This is also the first book in a series of crime novels centered around the duo.
  6. And yes another Liane Moriarty book. What Alice Forgot is the first book by her that I originally heard about because I believe this one if becoming a movie. This book describes the life of Alice who wakes up after falling during a spinning class and forgets ten whole years of her life. She thinks she’s a newly wed with a child on the way, when in reality she’s in the middle of divorce with three children. She tries to convince her husband to forget the last ten years as well because she wants to put an end to the divorce but what happens when she eventually remembers everything that has happened.
  7. Lastly The Good Girl by Mary Kubica is an interesting one for me. I wasn’t going to mention it but after much thought I do really love this book. It’s kind of twist to the classic kidnapping crime story. The book itself tells the story from  a kidnapped girl, her mother trying to find her, the actual kidnapper and the detective on the case. It jumps back and forth from the present time and the past so you really get the full story. This is another great spin chilling mystery story.

After writing all these books out I realized I have a ‘type’. I knew I loved a good crime story but I didn’t realize how much! If you haven’t read any of Liane Moriarty’s books I highly recommend them (clearly)! I’m already reading another one of her books as my first book in 2017.

Have you read any of these books? Are there more you recommend for me to read?



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How to pick out samples at Sephora – or anywhere with free samples

I used to be all over the place with selecting samples with my Sephora online orders and spending my points on deluxe samples. After stocking up on samples and realizing I would never end up reaching for them so they would just go to waste. I really started thinking about what products would be the best to receive in sample sizes and what products I would actually end up using. I was wasting so much free product! Over the last couple of months I’ve developed a sort of mindset when I get the opportunity to pick out samples or spend precious earned points on free products. Here’s how I decide what samples are best for me at the moment:

High End Products –

Usually the first thing I look for, and the only thing I would look for before, is samples of high-end products that I want to try before buying the full size products. This is a great way to choose samples but I would find that I never wanted to use them because I didn’t know how they would look when I could easily use my holy grail products. I also would try to save them for special events, and then forget to use them, because I knew I would probably never end up buying these luxury items. I try to pick out one or two of these samples if they are available but only if I know it’s something I would truly end up using. Here I have the Tatcha PURE One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil, YSL Touche Eclat Le Teint, and the Hourglass Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation.

Cleansing Skin Care Products –

Probably my favorite thing to grab when available as a free sample/deluxe sample is any type of facial cleanser, make up remover product. These are great to throw in a purse when you’re going out for those nights you might not end up sleeping in your bed. You’ll easily have a facial cleanser or make-up remover so you don’t wake up with your make-up all over your face or even worse all over some one else’s pillow. I also love these deluxe samples to take when traveling. If you’re going somewhere for the weekend you don’t need a huge product to take up room in your bag. These are the perfect size and you can easily take them in a carry on. Lastly these are great for the obvious reasons, trying out products you may not normally pick up a full size version of. Above I have the Peter Thomas Roth Irish Moor Mud Purifying Black Mask and Purifying Cleansing Gel, the Fresh Soy Face Cleanser, Rose Face Mask and Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream, and the Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion Age Defying Exfoliator. Not pictured but probably my all time favorite sample to grab when available is the Sephora Collection Make Up Remover Wipes, these come in a pack of two and are perfect to throw in a purse.

Perfume Samples –

These samples are kind of in the same boat as cleansing products. They’re the perfect size to place in a purse and take with you on the go. It’s also the perfect way to try out a scent maybe you normally wouldn’t have given a chance. I’ve received my fair share of perfume samples where I thought I was going to love the product but once I gave it a true scent on my skin I ended up hating it and was glad I didn’t just buy the full size automatically. These are also the perfect size again to bring on a carry on or away with you on a weekend get away. Since these are free samples you won’t be scared about them breaking while traveling or losing them (which when I’m on vacation I always end up losing at least one product along the way). What I wouldn’t recommend is spending your hard-earned Sephora points on the deluxe samples of perfume. I’m always disappointed with how much product you receive when sometime you’re using 500 of your points. Here I have the Derek Lam 10 Crosby Afloat and the Elizabeth and James Nirvana samples.

Lip/Eye Products –

The next products I love grabbing as samples, and these are usually more the deluxe samples offered as promo codes, are lip colors, mascaras and eyeliners. I feel like these last forever so you really get a good amount of use out these products. I also think you can really test out the product to its full potential. Samples like setting powders and foundations sometimes come in such small packaging that it can be hard to see how the product really works with your skin type and you can sometimes only get one or two uses out of them. These products, are again, very travel friendly. These are the best when you need to save space in your make-up bag or just to throw a lipstick in a bag to take out with you for touch ups. And again you aren’t necessarily scared to lose a Dior mascara when it’s a free product you received. I even pick these out when I already own the product so that I can carry it around without the fear of losing it. Above I have a bunch of products I love, especially the Marc Jacobs Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Le Marc Lip Creme, YSL Volupte Tint-in-Oil Number 5, the Marc Jacobs O!Mega Lash Volumizing Mascara and the Lancome Drama Liqui-Pencil.


What products do you guys enjoy getting as samples?

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New First Aid Beauty Superfood Products

First Aid Beauty, or FAB, came out recently with a new superfood infused collection called Hello FAB . I’m huge fan of all their skin care products so I was very excited to try these out. What also excites me is some of these products were more make-up geared which makes me think they might be releasing some make-up items in the future. All of these products contain no parabens, harsh chemicals or colorants.

         The first product that really grabbed my attention was the Hello FAB 3 in 1 Superfruit Color Correction Cushion. This is supposed to be a “one-step color-correcting cushion with three universal tints to instantly brighten dullness, decrease redness, and even out tone, while hydrating and refreshing skin” as explained on their website. This is probably the product I was most skeptical about as well since it just seemed super gimmicky. Color correcting is supposed to be a targeted placement of color to cancel out imperfections on the skin, so a ‘all over’ color corrector with three different colors swirled together just didn’t seem like something that would really work out in my opinion. After trying the product out a couple of times I do feel like it’s something that could be passed on. If you’re a big fan of very light make-up, I’m thinking tinted moisturizer, and just want a little redness or darkness under the eyes cancelled out without adding the heaviness of a concealer then this could be up your alley. But if you’re used to doing a fuller coverage look and are planning to use concealer then this could easily be a product to pass on. This product worked best right under my eyes and on my cheek area at cancelling out darker circles and some of my redness. Placing it all over my face though just seemed unnecessary.

 The first product I actually put in my shopping cart from this collection was the Hello FAB Coconut Skin Smoothie Priming Moisturizer. I talked a little bit about this in my Favorite Winter Skin Care Post as well. I picked this up originally because I was almost out of my Too Faced Hangover Rx primer and since they both were advertised as coconut smoothing primers I was expected them to be similar. I definitely was wrong. If anything I would compare this more to the Becca Backlight Priming Filter. It creates a really pretty glow on the skin that would look beautiful even without makeup. As it is super hydrating it feels more like a moisturizer than a primer. It doesn’t get the tacky feeling that the Too Faced one leaves behind so I don’t believe it does much to keep my make-up on longer but it does create a smooth base to apply it over. I do really enjoy this primer though and think it’s one of the best products from this collection.


The product that really did nothing for me was the Hello FAB Vital Greens Face Mist. I was actually nervous to try this products since it is a green mist.I originally thought it was just a facial mist I could use before putting make-up on so I wasn’t as worried about the color but after looking more into it I realized it’s being marketed as a setting spray. Although the color didn’t alter my make-up at all, you can’t really tell it’s green after spraying it out even on your hand, this product still hasn’t done anything for me. To be honest this is the product I’ve used the least because whenever I want my make-up to really stay on I’m reaching for my Urban Decay All Nighter Spray. This just hasn’t made my make-up last in th
e same way. Every time I use it I notice my make-up fades away from my nose and other places I touch often just as fast as if I didn’t use any sort of setting spray. Another big downside about this product is that the spray comes out very thick. Even if I try to spray this from as far away as possible with my short arms, I find my skin feeling extra wet and seeing droplets of the spray on my skin.


And than lastly my favorite, or tied for favorite with the Coconut Skin Primer, the Hello FAB Caffeine Matcha Wake Up Wipes. This was another product I was scared would be green but they look exactly like any other white make-up wipes. I love to use these in the morning when I’m feeling extra sleepy and don’t have the energy to wash my face (which happens more often than I would like to admit). These are infused with matcha, caffeine, vitamin C, and aloe vera which clam to brighten, cleanse, hydrate and wake up the skin according to FAB’s website. I really do think these wipes do all of the above. They have a great smell to them and create a soft tingling feeling to the skin which helps you feel more awake and ready for the rest of your morning routine. These would be great for traveling or keeping in your purse for those nights when you might not be sleeping with the comfort of your own bathroom beauty products.


All together I was pretty pleased with this whole collection. The design of the packaging honestly made me pass over it on the Sephora website because I didn’t recognize the products at all. I’d be really excited to see what FAB what puts out as full blown make-up products since they always put their own sort of twist to products we know and love.

Have you guys tried any of these products? How did you feel about them?


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Beautylish Lucky Bag 2017

Today I came home from work to see that my Lucky Bag from Beautylish had been delivered while I was gone. I had been anxiously awaiting its arrival since I received the email stating it had been shipped earlier this week. After seeing many posts online about what others had received in their box I was super excited to open mine up.

What is Lucky Bag? 

I had never heard of this box until last year when one of my close friends had gotten it and knew my love for make-up so recommended it to me. I immediately placed my name on the email list to be alerted for the next year. Lucky Bag is an annual box sent out after the holidays by Beautylish. The idea is taken from Japanese culture as explained by an email from Beautylish sent out prior to the launch this year, “The Japanese New Year tradition of fukubukoro inspired us to create Lucky Bags. On New Year’s day, retailers all across Japan offer mystery bags (known as fukubukoro). The bags are full of surprise merchandise, with some bags containing extra prizes.”

This year they offered two different bags: a $75 box (which has been offered in previous years) that promised to have $150 worth of products inside and a $150 box which promised to have $300 worth of products inside. They also hint that some boxes may have well over the promised amount inside and that the mystery is what makes it a Lucky Bag

These boxes were first offered to those who had spent over $1000 on Beautylish in the past year, aka not me, and in that time period the bigger box sold out (which some included the Natasha Denona green brown palette  !!).

If you’ve never bought anything from Beautylish before I highly suggest it! They have a ton of unique brands that you wouldn’t find in stores. As an added bonus their packaging is always super cute. I included the wrapping paper from the Lucky Box behind the picture of the products below!

Now on to the good stuff!

Inside the bag: 

Anna Sui Beauty Mirror – $28

Oribe Gold Lust Dry Shampoo – 6 oz $22

BY TERRY Baume de Rose Nutri-Couleur in 7 Coral Stellar – $56

Wayne Goss Brush 02 – $35

Make-Up Atelier 5 Color Eye Shadow Pallet in T01S Nude – $35

Bioderma Sensibio H2O – 100 mL $6.90


All together I was super happy with everything I got in the box. In total it came out to a little over $180 so that is a great value for what I initially spent on the box. Even though these aren’t products I would necessarily buy for myself, it’ll be nice to be able to try brands that I wouldn’t have normally chose. My biggest disappointments were the shadow palette and the mirror. After seeing other boxes people had received, I knew that some included Natasha Denona 5 color palettes, Viseart palettes and the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette. The pigmentation in the palette I received just wasn’t up to par with what I was expecting, especially with the deeper three colors. The Anna Sui Beauty Mirror was a nice touch but didn’t excite me. I’ve never tried anything from the brand before so it would’ve been nice to receive a piece of their make-up to play with.

What did you guys receive in your Lucky Bag this year?



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